Beta Gardens

Beta Gardens compound is in 6th of October city, which is built over 20 acres area that holds 1000 residential units where each building consists of a ground floor and five floors. Project construction started in 2008 and the project is done and sold out.
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Compound Beta Gardens

Compound Locations:
BETA Gardens Compound in 6th of October city, Located 10 minutes from the Remaya Square and about 4 kilometers from the entrance of AL Wahat road, 15 minutes of Johaina square near the global village and the city of Zewail and Zamalek Sports club and EL Trsanah Sports Club.
Compound Description:
– Beta Gardens compound is built on 21 acres area and includes 43 building,

Represent green spaces (85%) of the total area of the compound and buildings (15%), street width (24 m).
– The Compound full facilities (electricity, sanitation and water) and have been sold (100%) of the units and delivered (85%) of the units and are communicating with clients outside of Egypt to delivered the remaining units (15%) of the total project.
– Integrated services area on the space available (5) acres to serve the compound
The Compound composed of:
• Shopping mall
• Medical Center
• Nursery
• Mosque to accommodate about 800 worshipers
• Gym
Building specifications:
Number of buildings project (43) Residential Building to provide about 946 residential units with an area (80 m 2)
Building components:
The building is composed of ground + 5 floors and is available for each building

Available for each building:
• Elevator.
• The Intercom.
• Central satellite dish.
– The facades of buildings paints fully modern and ramps and walls of marble granite stairs marble floors’ delivered units Half Finished
– The beginning of Construction [beta Gardens] March 2008, and the project was fully delivered in 2011.
Project management:

Managed by owners association to choose a professional company to manage the project to provide the following services:
• Security
• Surveillance cameras for public areas (24/7)
• Professional security personnel dressed uniformly
• Cleanliness Service
• Maintenance – round (24/7) for all areas for the compound buildings and public buildings.
It is one of the first projects where existing Owners Association in October Gardens area.

Beta Gardens